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The best ways of holding product on the surface during the 3D printing.

This crash will happens when the model unstuck from the heat bed and the printer doesn’t stop.

Today I wanted to start a series of “micro – articles” –  how to prepare the Heat Bed to print and about each of the types of covering.

I would like to share personal experience and experiences of other users who long time were in the process of finding the most suitable solution for their needs.

I hope that the article will be useful for those who are going to purchase a 3D printer and for experienced users who can recall his exploits.

In 3D printing people are using a lot of plastic brands and types of plastic. Perhaps the most popular type of the plastics for 3D printing are ABS, SBS. But this plastic is impossible to use without a Heat bed. Usually on the Heat Bed, put the aluminum plate, mirror or glass.

But plastic will not stick to these surfaces.

And now we start to decide, what are the best for us:

-” The best ways of holding product on the surface during the 3D printing “.

Let’s start:

  1. Kapton tape

Kapton is sold in rolls of different widths, glued to the glass or directly on the aluminum surface, ensures the adhesion of the plastic 3D printing. Acceptable use temperature to 280 с.
  1. First we have to spray a soap fluid on the surface of the 3D printer table.

Then we need to uncoil the desired amount of Kapton.

Сut desired size and using plastic card for smoothing, displacing the excess water and air.

If you look at the Heat Bed with a new layer of Kapton, it looks quite acceptable. However, pasting Kapton without small bubbles of air is very difficult. Kapton impossible to unstick, and then stick it back, so gluing it very carefully and diligently. And most importantly this “wonderful” technique – this is wasted time, I think you would agree that it is not satisfied us.

Not everyone is obtained it easily and quickly, and most importantly not with high quality, and that requires to start all over again


We worked very carefully and diligently. Covered surface looking good…

Our printer calibrated. And finally we can start to 3D print.

The surface of Kapton are smooth and the products that was printed will have a smooth bottom part.

But if Kapton come unstick or bubbles start to appear,or bumps, or just  inaccuracy in the calibration of the printer, problems will quickly showing itself. A layer of tape will be instantly lacerated by hotend.

So, you will have to cut a small pieces of tape that would stick the overall layer.

The next moment!
– Kapton as all adhesive tapes, electrical tape, Blue scotch are the glue that never dries. When you have large quantities of 3D printing and at a constant different temperature, Kapton quickly come unstuck.
Also when printing all models have shrink plastic, corners are bent and this produces large bubbles on the Kapton layer.

On average, you can print 10-15 products before you will have to re-stick Kapton.

In the result, we get a procedure of cleaning and washing of the surface from the remnants of tape and adhesive and it is very difficult long procedure.

The question is why Karton Scotch tape not the most effective means we have already answered.

Again it is still not the most comfortable solution.

But as they say ” who seeks – will always find”

As before, we note that for the greater convenience there is Sitall glass, with him you can forget and not use  Kapton.



But we will speak about it next time, because we have to see how will be work another types of the materials on the Heat Bed.

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